maandag 6 januari 2014

Long time ago....

It is a long time ago that I wrote something here...
The same happened to my sweet hearts quilt...I am half way...
Still going on with these little hearts...I have to finish this quilt this year. New goal.
I am happy to see that so many people finished the top or the whole quilt.
You all did a wonderful job.
Some results over here...
 All Kaffe Fasset hearts.
A lot of colours! Do you see the middle?

Work in progress (I like that...)

So much pink....

This quilt has a lot of details. A row of cats in the middle and Christmas fabrics during the whole advent.
Back to work now!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Francoise - I thanked you on my blog, but also wanted to comment here. Thank you again for such a wonderful year-long project. I really enjoyed making each heart block as did my girlfriends Dawn and Marie. We now each have a beautiful and unique Sweet Hearts quilt. Thank you for initiating this project. I will miss making my heart blog every day, but love my quilt. Your quilt is beautiful as well and I wish you luck in getting it compleeted this year. - Debra (

  2. Ook deze zien er geweldig uit! Wat mij opvalt is hoeveel er gepland is in de quilts qua stofgebruik! Ik heb gewoon blind hartjes gepakt....elke dag! Die van mij is ook af. Op 31 december zelfs! Nou nog even quilten.....

  3. Ach ja, zo kan dat gaan hè Francoise. Jij je hartjes dit jaar, ik mijn Sweet Hearts Mystery!

    Groetjes, Suzanne